Napoleon Hill Lesson 14: Creative Vision

If you don’t know where you are heading you are bound to get there.

Creative vision is developed by the free and fearless use of one’s imagination. It is not a miraculous quality with which one is gifted or is not gifted at birth.” Napoleon Hill

Steven Covey’s first habit is to “Begin with the End in Mind”. What end do you want to create? Executive coach Ed DeCosta who is one of my coaches and trainers asks clients to imagine a DVD that is all about their life seven years from now and imagine what they would want to be on it.

Your vision should include the following areas:

  • Health
  • Spiritual
  • Work or career
  • Family, social relationships
  • Financial security
  • Personal growth
  • Recreation

Use these questions to guide your thoughts when thinking of a vision for your goal.

  • When your life is ending, what will you regret not doing, seeing, or achieving?
  • What are the five to ten things you enjoy doing? Think of things that if you do not do them regularly you feel unfulfilled. Daily, weekly, monthly, or annually?
  • If you never had to work another day in your life, how would you spend your time instead of working?
  • What do  need to do every day to feel fulfilled in your work?
  • What makes you smile?
  • What would you regret not fully doing, being or having in your life?

 What do you need to do to create your vision?

  • Think Big – If you don’t think as big as you can, you will you ever know how big your legacy could have been.
  • Suspend disbelief Great people don’t listen to small thinkers when looking at the future. They leave limiting beliefs outside the room.
  • Focus on the vision every day– James Allen wrote, “You will become as great as your dominant aspiration. If you cherish a vision, a lofty ideal in your heart, you will realize it.”  When things get tough, your vision will keep you going.
  • Form an inner circle– Surround yourself with people who think like you, but have different strengths.  They should be positive, big thinkers as well, but complement your strengths.

If you would like to know more about how I can help you create your vision, develop your plan and reach your goals, email  me and we can set up your free one hour coaching session. Or ask me about group coaching for your team.

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