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Way to Go!

We all know that people have a need to feel appreciated, but often we hand out a “Way to go” or “Great Job” and they feel pretty empty and hollow. However praise is not just a tool to use indiscriminately, it is a habit worth making and a skill worth refining.

In a study done last year Globoforce®, the world’s leading provider of SaaS-based employee recognition solutions, they found the following statistics.

  • Thirty-eight percent of employees are actively looking for a new job, up from 36 percent
  • Thirty-nine percent of workers don’t feel appreciated at work, up from 32 percent
  • Fifty-two percent are dissatisfied with the level of recognition they receive, up from 41 percent

Obviously, there is a shortage of praise and recognition out there, but just how do we praise people in a way that will make them feel recognized and appreciated?

Here are few of my tips from a training that I offer on employee development and coaching.

  •  Use their name People love to hear their own name.  We all know that. When someone is recognized and praised for their attitude and effort, it is powerful. When the person praising them remembers and uses their name, it magnifies those positive results.
  •  Effective praise must be given with sincerity and enthusiasm. Start with phrases such as “I like it when you…”, “Thank you for…”    or “I noticed that you have been…”
  • Then tell them what they have done.  Let them know that you are aware of their positive actions. If they know what they have done it they will be much more likely to repeat it.
  •  Praise and recognize the effort and not the results. The only two things that we are in control of are our attitude and our actions. It just so happens that those are the two qualities that are hard to find in an employee.
  • Tell them how they have contributed to the goal. Steven Covey’s first habit is to begin with the end in mind.  When praising others it is a good idea to end with the end in mind also. People want to know how they contribute to the mission.

Verbal or written praise is just one way to let people know that they are recognized and appreciated. What ways do you show your people how much they are appreciated?

Phil is one of only one thousand leaders worldwide (representing nearly 100 countries) to be trained and certified by John C. Maxwell & his team, as part of the founder’s circle of coaches, speakers and teachers.
He works with organizations and individuals to increase sales, productivity and profitability by helping them improve their leadership, sales and customer service skills. He offers workshops, seminars, speaking, and coaching on delivering extraordinary customer service, leadership, and personal development.

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In Medicine, Business, and Sales -Prescription Before Diagnosis is Malpractice

It is a typical day at work.  You are busy, running your business, calling on customers and making sales.  Despite not feeling great, you try to tough it out.  Eventually you get worse and worse, so you call your family doctor and they agree to work you in, but ask you to see the new doctor in the practice. You are not crazy about the idea, but you feel pretty rotten and agree to see the new doctor.

Once you get to your doctor’s office, you wait while the staff seems to take care of everyone but you.  Finally, they get you in an exam room and the new doctor walks in without a hello or a knock and mumbles as he reads your chart.  He rambles something about seeing these symptoms before, writes you a prescription and tells you he is scheduling you for surgery ASAP, turns and walks out of the room with out a word or offering to answer any questions.

Would you walk out or run out of that office? He was rude, he didn’t ask you what was wrong, and he recommends radical treatment with out the first test. I have long heard it said that prescription before diagnosis is malpractice. It is also true in business and sales.

The unfamiliar doctor has not built trust and is certainly not a likable character.  All other things being equal people do business with people that they know, like and trust.

So what can we do as professionals to be known, liked and trusted?

  • Add value Always be looking for ways that you can add value to your customers and prospects. Extraordinary Customer service is a scarce commodity. Providing extraordinary value to those who have not done business with you is nearly unheard of. It will be a differentiating value and place you in the front of their minds when they are ready to make an investment.
  • Be involved Whether it is in your community, in your church, civic organization, local chamber or youth programs; find a place that you can unselfishly give to your community. Don’t do it to network (although that is a byproduct), do it because you want to add value to others and you are passionate about the cause.
  • Research Learn all you can about your prospects and customers.  Know their problems and successes.
  • Listen – Learn all you can by asking great questions and listening to them.  (Hint: They don’t care how great your solution or product is.) Minimize how much you talk about yourself and let them talk about their favorite subject.
  • Educate without pitching – Successful people are always looking for an edge. To learn a little more. To find another secret. You as an expert about your product or service can provide that information and education.

I met a young business owner named Brandon a few months ago. He owns a home improvement company. In every interaction with him, I have found him to be likable, honest and trustworthy. I knew what he did, but he never once came along and asked me if I needed new gutters or roofing.  When I met Brandon, I didn’t need his services, but when the need arose for some repairs, I called him and nobody else.  (If you are in Eastern NC and would like to contact Brandon his FB page is )

Can you give examples of people who you have done business with or know you will do business with when the need arises?  How the did they earn your trust?

Phil is one of only one thousand leaders worldwide (representing nearly 100 countries) to be trained and certified by John C. Maxwell & his team, as part of the founder’s circle of coaches, speakers and teachers.
He is an experienced leader who brings a passionate, positive approach to developing people, driving sales through delivering outstanding customer service.
Phil can bring training on leadership, service and personal growth to your organization.

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