Get Everything You Want in Life……..

Even if you had never heard of the late Zig Ziglar before the world lost this treasure of a man last week, by now almost everyone knows his most famous quote.

 “You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

 I think that many people understand this to mean that if you help people buy a lot of stuff from you, you will make a “big ol’ pile of money” (That’s my best Zig Ziglar imitation)

 I believe that Zig was talking about something much deeper and much more spiritual than just moving products or services.  Here are a few points.

  •  Zig does not say that they have to get what they want from you, just that you have to help them get it.
  •  Zig was always careful to point out that the most important things in life cannot be measured in dollars. Faith, family, and attitude always take a higher position.
  • Zig does not say you will get what you want from the people you help. Most likely, you will get what you want from other unexpected places.

This quote is not just about sales. It is about life. It applies to all of us. People, companies, churches and other organizations all work best when serving others.   That is what capitalism is all about. Being rewarded for adding value to others.

I was visiting Christy Taylor at Express Employment Professionals in Rocky Mount NC a few days ago and was explaining my philosophy of Serve, Lead. and Succeed. I asked her about her business and her reply was that she believed that she was here to help the people who live in our area, help the people who work for her and help the businesses who are her clients.  Not a word about profit, market share or a “big ol’ pile of money”

 The next day Christy sent me this quote by Louise Hay “I truly believe that we are here to bless and prosper each other. I reflect this belief in my daily interactions.”  I replied that I felt it summed up our conversation very well.

Christy lives out that belief in not only the work she does for charity and volunteer work, but in the work that she does every day as part of her business.  

 Thanks Christy, for serving first, then leading others.

Serve Lead and Succeed!

The best way to be truly successful in life is to first serve, then lead.

Phil is one of only one thousand leaders worldwide (representing nearly 100 countries) to be trained and certified by John C. Maxwell & his team, as part of the founder’s circle of coaches, speakers and teachers.
Phil works with organizations and individuals to increase sales, productivity and profitability by helping them improve their leadership, sales and customer service skills. He offers workshops, seminars, speaking, and coaching on delivering extraordinary customer service, leadership, and personal development.

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