Spring is the Time for Every Professional and Beginner to Review the Fundamentals

The-Harder-You-Work-the-Luckier-You-GetBaseball season opened this week, but before that Major League baseball players headed off to spring training to work on fundamentals and prepare for the new season.

The boys of summer have been playing the game since they were 6 years old, yet it is still important to work on fundamentals and technique. The same dedication should be applied leadership and customer service.

The Greatest play in baseball history

When dealing with customers/employees/peers, always remember the fundamentals. Polite tone, showing genuine empathy, taking ownership of their issues and situation are the basics of human interaction. Most of all reassure your customers/employees/peers that you are willing, able and want to take care of them. I think that is what is lacking in most customer’s minds these days is the lack of feeling appreciated.

Show empathy with and appreciation for the customers/employees/peers

  • I understand how frustrating that can be…
  • I know how you feel…
  • I truly understand your concern…(and want to help)

Reassure the customers/employees/peers that you can handle their request

  • I will be glad to resolve this issue.
  • Let’s work together to see how this can be resolved.
  • I’d be more than happy to look at this for you.

Avoid saying

  • There is nothing I can do.
  • No (Without telling what can be done.)
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