Rock Star Customers

English: Keith Richards, live in Hannover

English: Keith Richards, live in Hannover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No, I am not talking about selling insurance to Mick Jagger and Keith Richards (there might be some underwriting issues there) or selling Rogaine to LL Cool J.

I am talking about the clients who you were meant to serve. The ones who you enjoy serving and that do the most business with you.

The Pareto Principle probably applies to your customers. The top 20 percent of your customers contribute 80 percent of sales. These are usually the people who you are meant to serve.

If you have a core group of regular customers that make up a high percentage of your annual revenue and you enjoy working with, then you have to find ways to delight them, keep them coming back (and bringing their “rock star” friends.)

 Here are some ideas for keeping you 20% customers coming back and bringing more like them.

  • Treat your customers or clients as honored guest.  When guests visit your home, you greet them right away. You say “hello” or “Hi there” And you don’t make them wait at your door. Even worse opened the door and just stared at them. Yet we have all walked into a store where you were totally ignored.
  • Under-promise, over deliver.  I worked with a woman once who would say, “Now don’t be selling no rose gardens” You should always be looking for ways to add more value to your products and services without increasing the cost. Give your customers more than they expect.
  • Don’t be policy wise and customer foolish. Take a long-term view of your business. When you are dealing with customer service issues, remember that research shows every upset customer will tell eleven other people about their experience with your business and those eleven will tell five more people. A lost customer can mean hundreds, even thousands of dollars in future sales. Policies are there for a reason, but keeping a customer might be worth a lot more than saving a few dollars.
  • Keep in Touch. Communicate regularly with your current customers. Staying in touch with your current customers is one of the best ways to encourage them to keep coming back to your business. Provide them with educational and informative information. Add value to their lives and position you as an expert at solving their problems. Occasionally send them information about upcoming sales, new products or promotions.
  • Make them feel important. We all love it when people in our lives make us feel important. Your customers are no different. They want to feel like their business is valued and appreciated. Sincerely listening to their needs and desires can help you achieve this. Connect with your customers as people, not just a means to build profits.

These are just a few ideas on keeping your best customers.  What are your ways to keep them coming back?

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  1. Very good points. Let me just add, making your customers feel that they are important to you is a must because THEY ARE! Your business’ universe should be centered on your customers because without them, you will never achieve success.

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