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My 10 year old who is starting into her “mom and dad don’t know too much” stage walked through the living room one night last week with her arms inside her brand new shirt, stretching the heck out of it. My wife and I, as veteran parents often do, cried out in unison “Raven!!!  Don’t do that!” of course her response as a veteran 10 year old was to look at us with that look and ask “Why not?”
Fighting the urge to tell her “Because I said so!”  I tried to explain that once she stretched out her new shirt it would never be the same again.
Then it stuck me that once we are stretched in life, we can never go back to who we were before the stretch.
If you want to change your life, stretch yourself. Try something you wouldn’t normally do. Take a risk. Go to the beach in February, read a new book, meet new people, think about situations in a new way, etc.
The good thing about stretching yourself is that you get better. Unlike Raven’s shirt which now sports these little funny looking wings where her elbows were pushing out the side of her shirt.
If you would like to stretch yourself in the area of leadership, go to my website and click on the box that says Free Gift.  You can sign up for a free video leadership lesson from John C Maxwell.


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