Where There is no Clarity the People Stress

Imagine that it is a beautiful spring Saturday morning and you are driving through the countryside in a sporty two-seater convertible. The winding road s wide and the warming sunlight, combined with the still crisp air allow for perfect visibility.  You are relaxed, laid back in your seat and enjoying the feel of the car and the road.

Then suddenly as you round a curve, the road narrows, and you hit a patch of dense fog. Up ahead you can barely make out a figure on the shoulder of the road. What do you do?  You suddenly are wide-awake and hyper-focused, sitting up I the seat, slowing down and gripping the wheel firmly in both hands. Your state totally changes for a few minutes until your ability to see ahead of you and where are going returns.

If you had to drive in this low visibility high-risk situation for very long you would be exhausted quickly.  The people who you deal with every day are no different. If you are not sharing your vision, values and expectations in a consistent clear way every day they may be succeeding, but I promise you that burn out is just around the corner. If they are given vague instructions, unclear expectations or they perceive hidden risk they cannot perform effectively.

The bible says that without vision the people will perish. Perhaps the people perish from stress, caused by working toward a goal with out a clear path of the road ahead. Imagine building a house without blueprints, a cross county trip with out a map or playing a game with out clear rules. Chaos, stress and uncertainty would abound.

As leaders, we should share the vision and goal, set clear expectations and provide constant feedback to eliminate fear and the stress that it brings. Anything less will mean that your team is running at less than their peak performance and at risk of burnout.

Phil is one of only one thousand leaders worldwide (representing nearly 100 countries) to be trained and certified by John C. Maxwell & his team, as part of the founder’s circle of coaches, speakers and teachers.
He works with organizations and individuals to increase sales, productivity and profitability by helping them improve their leadership, sales and customer service skills. He offers workshops, seminars, speaking, and coaching on delivering extraordinary customer service, leadership, and personal development.

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