When Dealing with Change

Lead, Follow or get out of the Way! 

You may be changing jobs, relocating, or being asked to take on a new role where you are now. Your change may be voluntary or involuntary. Either provides similar feelings of stress and uncertainty.  Change can be exciting and change can be scary.

It is a lot like walking on ice at first. It is a natural tendency to be uncertain of your steps and fear the future. This fear can be crippling and it is often easy to play the role of victim.

I have discovered a much better choice is to be open to new possibilities and seize the high ground. That reaction gives you the choices and more power in the process.  You can choose to stay stuck in the self-pity or choose to look at new possibilities.

Life is ever evolving and we definitely are part of that process. Change is normal and natural albeit uncomfortable. When facing changes, ask yourself these questions.

·       What do I want?

·        What are the possibilities?

·        How can this turn out for the best?

·        What do I really want?

·        How can I positively affect the outcome?

·        What is it that I really, really want?

Some of the “worst” things that ever happened to me have turned out for the best.

Be proactive! Face it afraid!! Do it afraid!!! Be open and receptive without worrying about the “how.” Get out of your way and see what life has in store for you.



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3 responses to “When Dealing with Change

  1. John Keith

    All are good,Phil. You must be a gifted speaker. Takes after your dad

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  3. This reminds me not all change is growth, but all growth does require change.

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