God Give Me Patience and Give it to Me Now!


When we think of qualities of great leaders, we often think of charisma, vision, empowerment, drive and many others.   One quality of effective leaders that you don’t often think about is patience.  We need to use patience because we deal with human beings.

As we all, know human beings are imperfect. It takes patience to work with people and accomplish an organization’s goals and objectives.  Although there are times, when impatience is called for, a great leader knows that often patience is the secret sauce to developing great leaders, accomplishing goals and move their organization forward.

In the Law of Process, my mentor, John Maxwell recommends that leaders develop the habit of reflecting on the past day, planning and prioritizing the coming day. Great leaders are constantly learning and growing from their experiences. This habit adds prospective and allows you to choose to push the important priorities and have patience when needed in other areas.

Patience is not accidental you have to anticipate where you might need it and be ready to use it when you least expect it. Every day, accept that you are going to meet someone who tries your patience. Decide that you will interact with that person with graciousness and maturity.

People develop best when we believe in them more than they believe in themselves, we understand that they are growing and will not always meet expectations.

  • How do you practice patience in your life?
  • How has a patient leader positively affected you?
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