Connection, Clarity and Congratulations


My friend and mentor Scott Fay uses the words Purpose, Passion, and Plan as part of his mission statement. They paint a strong picture of the principles that Scott and his business stand for. Using words all starting with the same letter is a great way to make a point that stick with an audience.

In the past when speaking, I have used:

  • Three  Es Energy, Enthusiasm and Empathy
  • Three  Fs Faith, Family, and Friends
  • Three  Ls Live, Love, and Laugh

Today I want to share my Three Cs for leaders (and sales people) to illustrate that all influence and success begins with serving others.

Connection – To lead or influence others leaders (and sales people) must make personal connections with those they hope to influence. People do business with and follow people that they “Know Like and Trust”. It is the leader’s (and sales person’s) job to make that happen.  John Maxwell said it best in The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. “Leaders must touch a heart before asking for a hand.”

Clarity: Leaders (and sales people) must communicate a clear picture. They must cast a strong vision that includes all parties involved. They must set proper expectations and provide the tools that are needed to accomplish them. If followers understand the organization’s goals, how important they are to the mission they will accomplish amazing things. Remember that excellence begins with expectations. (I need another E to go with those two.)

 Congratulations: Great leaders are never stingy with recognition. They do it publicly and often. They give people an excellent reputation and expect that people live up to that reputation. Praise must be specific and tied back to the goal or mission. Three of the most important word that a leader can use are “I appreciate you.” They must be followed with what was done and how it affected the mission or goal.

 Have you ever had a leader who lived up to these Three Cs?  Please share your comments. I would love to hear more.

Phil is one of only one thousand leaders worldwide (representing nearly 100 countries) to be trained and certified by John C. Maxwell & his team, as part of the founder’s circle of coaches, speakers and teachers.
He is an experienced leader who brings a passionate, positive approach to developing people, driving sales through delivering outstanding customer service.
Phil can bring training on leadership, service and personal growth to your organization.



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