See What Others are Saying


“I had the pleasure of studying “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” by John C. Maxwell under the leadership of. It was full of energy and reflective thinking. I enjoyed relating to real life’s experiences – past trials and triumphs. Most significantly, I learned how to use the laws to harness the best of what is already inside of me.” Cynthia Lucas, Sr Configuration Controller, RBC Bank,

“Phil did an excellent job leading a manager’s retreat for my company. I received positive feedback from several participants. I would hire Phil again for a similar engagement.” Freddie Silva

“I am a former student of the John Maxwell Leadership Series taught by Phil as a Certified Coach. He is an excellent coach and leads others to find the best in themselves. I recommend that you contact him for training in the workplace or faith community as a leadership trainer or personal coach! He shares the vision of excellence that any organization strives to achieve. As a retired Retail Manager, former Executive Director of a non-profit, speaker, writer and Minister, I am certain I will call on Phil again in the very near future! Thanks Phil for giving of yourself and doing such a great job!” Cresenti S. Williams

“Phil taught the Leadership course I took with passion and real life examples. His approach enabled me to gain valuable take away I have since applied. I highly recommend him to anyone who hungers to improve on his/her leadership abilities.” Evan Uwakwe, CISM, CISA, CRISC

“Phil is a consummate professional. He’s a tireless worker, an effective communicator, and a superb problem-solver. Further, having worked with Phil directly in a training environment, Phil is an ideal “coach”. He’s supportive and enthusiastic, patient and knowledgeable, yet he demands accountability and strives to help each person reach his/her potential. In short, I recommend Phil without qualification for whatever endeavor he chooses to pursue.” Jonathan Dingus, Sales Team Leader

“Phil is an excellent motivator and speaker who can help increase your sales, productivity, and mindset.” Stuart Mullins, Principal Owner, The Official Connection,

Phil Vanover has made it his business to learn from, and surround himself with, the very best in the field of leadership and self-improvement. That indicates the high level of value he can bring to you and your organization.

Not only has Phil learned from the best, he’s also applied it in his own life, and that’s what makes him an intelligent choice as a change agent for others.

He’s highly skilled in delivering life-changing and performance enhancing material that’s proven in its ability to shift people from where they are today to where they need to be tomorrow if greater success is to come their way.

Can Phil help you and your business? Unquestionably he can, and I encourage you to connect with him to discover how.”

Christian Simpson, Faculty Member for Professional Coaching, John Maxwell Team



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